We have the expertise and facilities to design and manufacture very high-quality industrial cabinets.

We specialise in the production of complete industrial cabinets and parts for cabinets in thin sheet materials. Advanced CAD/CAM equipment for thin sheet machining ensures precise production to specified dimensions.

We have the capacity to produce aluminium cabinets in large quantities, including punching and milling equipment and a modern serial graphics department. We also offer mounting braces and bushings for fastening displays, circuit boards, etc.

At our own anodising plant, experienced employees ensure natural and black anodising of aluminium items with a very high finish, and we also offer powder coating carried out by regular partners with the same high quality standards. 

We also fulfil requests for custom solutions, unique gaskets or sealing by means of silicone dispensing of cabinet parts up to IP class 67.

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Metalwo DesignLab

The DesignLab opens up a universe of possibilities. We call it ‘the designer’s playground’. Our customers are given the opportunity to mix and match shapes, textures and colours from our extensive material database, which ensures a unique product, where quality, functionality and design are taken into account.

Metalwo DesignLab
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