Robust control panel for high-tech alarm system.


Elektronisk eller mekanisk styring af forskellige processer.

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The development and production of control panels for maritime safety management for the oil and gas industry is one of our specialities. Communication is controlled from the control panel and signals are relayed through advanced fibre optic cables. The solution connects directly via the internet and is a permanent fixture on many drilling platforms. The control unit is an important part of the overall application, which is sold worldwide.

The control panel has been developed based on strict requirements and specifications for a reliable, user-friendly and energy-saving system with a robust and durable surface. The control surface has an LED and raised polycarbonate keys.

Metalwo DesignLab

The DesignLab opens up a universe of possibilities. We call it ‘the designer’s playground’. Our customers are given the opportunity to mix and match shapes, textures and colours from our extensive material database, which ensures a unique product, where quality, functionality and design are taken into account.

Metalwo DesignLab
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