Development and production of integrated front panels for maritime communication solutions


Elektronisk eller mekanisk styring af forskellige processer.

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Metalwo has supplied numerous customised control panels to the maritime industry and has developed a range of front panels for communication solutions for one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the maritime industry.

We have delivered a product consisting of a front panel with an inbuilt film keypad. It is a solution that is favourable in terms of combining materials and the many button designs. We can emboss the buttons as desired and we can insert small transparent panes for symbol display - even on smaller films. Such a product can be used in any type of environment.

Metalwo DesignLab

The DesignLab opens up a universe of possibilities. We call it ‘the designer’s playground’. Our customers are given the opportunity to mix and match shapes, textures and colours from our extensive material database, which ensures a unique product, where quality, functionality and design are taken into account.

Metalwo DesignLab
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